Investing in Physical Commodities to Secure Your Life

The annualized returns are very interesting, and Commodities are the foundation of your life.

It is wise to own a portfolio covering you and your family’s lifetime use of Commodites, in case prices suddenly increases dramatically.  The annualized returns of Commodities since 1999 are impressive, even compared to equities at all time high.

Important facts to consider when you want to invest in Commodities:

Get trustworthy Counterparties in Western Democracies such as Canada and United States where it is safe to store and pick up Commodities should you desire Physical Delivery.

Get Counterparty Companies listed on Western Stock Exchanges for easy Market Cap. indications of Creditworthiness of your Counterparty.

Avoid Cost of Physical Storage.

Avoid Credit Risk of Counterparty Broker.  Remember Lehman Brothers in the United States, Northern Rock in the United Kingdom, or Glitnir, Kaupthing and Landsbanki in Iceland ?

Avoid Credit Risk of Counterparty Bank.  Remember Bankruptcy of First Arizona Savings, New Frontier Bank, FirstCity Bank, First Bank of Beverly Hills, RockBridge Commercial Bank, Barnes Banking Company, Centennial Bank, FirsTier Bank, New City Bank, NOVA Bank in United States, Cyprus Banks or Norwegian Banks ?

Currencies may suddenly collapse in Over-Indebted Nations due to Unfunded Pension Liabilities, Social Security and Medicare. Therefore you want real assets in your portfolio, such as Commodities.

With our Licence Partners’ Blockchain Commodity Asset Backed Blockchain Digital Currencies where you can demand actual Physical Delivery in Western Democracies at the Timing of Your Choice, these Systemic Broker & Bank risks are gone.

Currently we cover Gold,  Iron,  Silver, Graphite, Lithium, and Physical Batteries.

Invest wisely and do your own due diligence.  Email for practical information on opportunities.







Source: J.P. Morgan/Zero Hedge.

Stocks seems to be ripe for a big correction.



For 5000 years GOLD has been used as currency.   Currently the ratio between Gold and the Money Supply of printed money + Central bank credits is at an extreme.  If you think this means further currency debasement is coming,  Gold may be an interesting option.


BREAKING NEWS:  Gold backed stablecoin GOLDUSA (ticker GOLD) issuer Canamex Gold just received a CAD$ 20 MILLION LOI from US Hedge Fund GEM with US$ 3 Billion under management. That is one giant due diligence approval.

The first Gold Asset Backed Security Tokens issued for sale by a Stock Exchange LISTED company alliance GLOBALLY.  Harmonychain IPR & Pat. Pend. Blockchain systems.

GOLDUSA (ticker GOLD) will be issued by an alliance headed by Canamex Gold Corp, backed by gold produced in the most stable and peaceful jurisdiction in the world: The United States of America.

More info from CEO David Vincent on +971544551281 or email




If you study the numbers above, 2 bets on the global economy (construction) Copper and Iron have very different relationship between annual physical output and value of traded metals.  While Iron ore trading is just 1% of physical output, for Copper this relationship is 10,000 times greater at 10,000 %. This divergence may be due to the storage cost of iron (lower value per ton) as well as rust issues making storage of iron difficult.  The new financial IRON blockchain product of Element based on Harmonychain IPR and Pat. Pend. may resolve these issues.  If you believe the relationships between Copper and Iron will move closer to each other, the potential for IRON is in the Billions.

Complete equality would mean a potential of over 20,000 Billion for IRON.  Clearly this will not happen, but even 1% of this is over 200 Billion $.  1 % of this again is 2 Billion $.  This may change IRON trading forever.


Cecilie Grue, CEO of Element says «We are very excited to get the positive feed-back from the FSA and to proceed
with the TGE under Norwegian jurisdiction.». 

The FOX Business IRON TV program may be viewed on Stock Exchange LISTED company Element’s IRON ICO website.




Silver is the «poor man’s Gold».  Storing Silver has allways been difficult due to storage costs and decay. Currently the price ratio between Silver and Gold are at levels not seen for a long time.  If you believe this ratio will normalize, Silver may be an interesting option.




The GREEN revolution depends on batteries.  Few realize like Elon Musk that batteries are basically Graphite with a little Lithium sprinkled on.  If you want to support sustainable life on Earth, you may want to support the Graphite developments.




The GREEN revolution depends on batteries.  Batteries in both computers and cars need Lithium.  If you want to support sustainable life on Earth, securing Litihium production in stable Western democracies will help.




The GREEN revolution depends on batteries.  Batteries in both computers and cars need Cobalt.  If you want to support sustainable life on Earth, securing Cobalt production in stable Western democracies will help.

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