BREAKING NEWS: 1 BILLION US$ GOLD ICO with Gov't owned Canadian Mint Legal Counsel & 5 LISTED companies

Harmonychain Pioneers Asset Backed Cryptocurrencies with Government & LISTED companies. Q1 Pipeline include Gold, Silver, Iron, Nickel, Graphite, Lithium, and Batteries. Oslo listed Licensee Element share jumped over 200% from NOK 1,15/share Oct. 27. to over NOK 4 /share Feb 2018. Several Blockchain Patents Pending. Inventor & CEO:

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IRON Blockchain Details

Symbol Ticker on Ethereum Accounting:  IRON

Number of IRON:  21,000,000.00000000

Transparent Accounting and Audit trail insight into every IRON transaction specified down to second on the day: Click here

Transparent Accounting and Audit owner insight into every IRON holder: Click here

If you need assistance with the IRON address and JSON Interface, you may email to get the wallet IRON details. Please enclose ID, address and Ethereum Wallet Account number for Security and Verification purposes. Harmonychain has filed several patent applications currently pending protecting our IP rights with Patentstyret (The Norwegian Industrial Property Office) in 2017.

To watch and transfer your IRON holdings, you need to enter the Address function and the Watch function the first time you use your Encrypted Secure Wallet.