About us

The People behind Harmonychain are:

Board Member and CEO Bjorn Zachrisson who is the inventor of the Blockchain Patent applications currently pending with the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (part of the Patent Cooporation Treaty comprising 152 countries in the world). He is also the Chairman of Norsk Hedge Fond AS.


Chief Technology Officer Mr. B. Bjercke is also known as Mr. Bitcoin in Norway.  He was in 2018 instrumental in building the international Blockchain department of “Big Four” Audit & Consulting giant Ernst & Young in Switzerland.  He is a popular Expert speaker on Blockchain Conferences, and is called upon as an International Blockchain Expert by TV stations such as CNN.   He has broad IT experience from Finance Institutions such as Orkla Finans / Enskilda Securities and Danske Bank.


Board Member Professor Thore Johnsen holds a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, USA, 1975. He taught at Northwestern University and Columbia University before returning to Norges Handelshøyskole in 1980. He is member of the advisory boards for several Norwegian endowments and has served as advisor to the Norwegian Ministry of Finance as well as the strategic advisory board for the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund. Johnsen’s research interests areas include valuation, risk management and energy markets. He has published in academic journals such as Econometrica, European Economic Review, Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control, and Energy Journal, and has written many applied policy contributions. He was one of the key architechts of the Brent Oil future contract a generation ago.

Martin Devold Soknes has been instrumental in Functional Search & Marketing Use within the IT industry for the last 20 years.  He is a key technical expert in Google search algoritms and help Global Companies improve their IT models.  His team of programmers has been instrumental in developing our current Global Edge.


Manuel Lains is a Keynote Speaker in the Blockchain Industry including his CryptoCurrency Workshops.  His Companies Bitspace & BitGate and his team of programmers has been instrumental for selecting programming strategies to keep our current Technological Edge.


Henning Rokling founded the Parsec Frontiers Company that is a cutting edge player in the Blockchain Game Industry Globally.  He is also a famous Programmer of several popular Computer Games Globally.  His experience has been instrumental for selecting programming strategies to keep our current Technological Edge.


Kristen Jakobsen is a finance expert whose views on Financial Options and Futures are invaluable. He founded Pareto Securities and the Pareto Group with Svein Støle. From bright minds and a couple of pc’s and tables, Pareto grew to be a multi US$ Billion Investment Bank Institution with a Global impact in the Finance, Oil & Gas Industries.
Andes Kvan is an financial expert whose views on Financial Insurance Models is of great value. He is currently a Deputy Member of the Board of Directors.


Kristen Nerstad has experience from Montgomery Securities (now Bank of America), Alfred Berg, Swedbank, SEB Enskilda, Consendo Equity, and Invento Kapitalforvaltning. He is currently Director at FCG Norge AS.


Harmonychain AS has several patent applications pending with the Norwegian Industrial Property Office that is part of the Patent Cooperation Treaty comprising 152 countries in the world within Blockchain technology.

Shareholders in Harmonychain AS as of 31.12.2018:

Shareholder / Shares / Domicile

  • Andromeda*)                                      250 000          Luxembourg
  • AOS Cyprus Holdings*)            2 500 000          Cyprus
  • Bitspace*)                                             100 000          Norway
  • Cheniston Norway*)                  5 000 000          Norway
  • Eikeland & Ravnaas*)                     500 000          Norway
  • Ether Capital*)                               2 500 000          United Kingdom
  • Henrik Danielsen*)                          100 000          Norway
  • Innovation Partner*)                      100 000          Norway
  • IT Strategi *)                                    2 500 000          Norway
  • Knut Engedal*)                              2 500 000          United Kingdom
  • Norsk Digital Industri*)            2 500 000          Norway
  • Petroservice*)                                2 500 000          United Kingdom
  • Professor Thore Johnsen*)    2 500 000          Norway
  • Starship*)                                       20 000 000          Norway
  • WickBeta*)                                          100 000          Norway
  • Okonomringen                           56 350 000          Norway
  • Sum                                                100 000 000

No shares are available for sale in Harmonychain AS.  Our shareholders are key experts in different technological and economic fields that have been influental in the developement of our Pat. Pend. platform.

*) Okonomringen has a purchase call option to acquire these shares at NOK 10,00 per share.  Transfers and sales of the shares are only allowed if pre-approval from Okonomringen is obtained first.  In reality, this means there are no shares for sale.