Contemplated underwritten private placement of 52-100 MNOK

Harmonychain is contemplating an underwritten share issue of 52-100 MNOK and subsequent application for listing on Merkur Markets / Euronext Growth. Harmonychain shareholders have guaranteed 52 Million.

Blockchain Mining Giant Bitmain Is Going Public With A $40-$50 Billion Valuation


reports that Bitmain is filing for an IPO to raise $18 billion from public markets. That amount means that the Beijing-based company is valued somewhere between $40 billion and $50 billion, making its IPO among the largest public offerings ever.

Bulk preorders for blockchain hardware miners are Sold Out Globally until May 2021 


Media reported that Bulk preorders for the most powerful bitcoin miners from major manufactures are sold out until May 2021.

New GREEN Low Energy World Class Efficient Microchip Family reduces Energy Use by 70-80 % and is very Profitable

World Revolutionary Low Energy powerful Microchip Family developed by our subisidiary Lokotech AS under launch. The price of a Blockchain Mining Computer is not correlated to cost, but to how much digital currency the miners can produce within a reasonable payback time frame.  In most businesses an investment payback of only 2 years is a dream scenario. The Microchip Family may potentiallly with some adjustments be suitable for AI and IoT as well as mobile units.

Both the European Central Bank and the US Federal Reserve are planning digital currencies on the blockchain

The European Central Bank (ECB) is speeding up efforts to digitize the Euro.  They recently trademarked “digital euro” according to media. reports that “This is happening as the growth rate of Europe’s currency in circulation just jumped into the double digits, the fastest pace this decade, strongly hinting that the ECB will be incentivized to track and control all circulating currency… ideally by converting it into digital.”  This demonstrates that authorities prefer blockchain transparent accounting to current double accounting systems that is a historic relic from the 14th century in Italy.

PayPal now offers customers to pay with Bitcoin & Litecoin

PayPal annonced recently that they will offer a bridge between Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum and normal currencies.  Bitcoin and Litecoin are surging on these news.  This means it will be easy for customers that have Litecoin, Bitcoin or Ethereum to pay anyone with PayPal. PayPal has almost 300 million customers, over 20 million active merchant accounts, and billions of transactions conducted every year.

Bitcoin up over 100% in 2020

Source:  Bloomberg

Bitcoin is up over 100% in 2020, massively outperforming gold.  In December 2020, Bitcoin smashed through previous resistance of 2017 all time high.  The long term charts of PayPal’s supported Blockchain Currencies Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum looks very interesting.

Blockchain Miner Bitmain S19 sold out within 24 hours 

Cointelegraph reported that in March 2019, at far lower digital currency prices than today, the latest ASIC miner sold out within 24 hours.