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London Conference news:


Tokenomics – The Future of Crypto – the Creative Destruction of the Global Financial Industry by Keynote speaker Richard G. Kastelein

Richard Kastelein gave an inspiring presentation about the Creative Destruction of the Global Financial History.  Clearly the financial markets will change dramatically going forward, as the benefits of blockchain on issues such as transparency and trust are obvious.  The former daily journalist in snowwy Alaska and slightly more sunny Carribean  who started Blockchain News is combining idealism, sailing nature passion and visions about a better future to help build the shared Global Blockchain Vision into Reality.  He is a living example of how Blockchain changes not only the world for the better, but also the people involved.  Richard is advising more than 20 ICO projects, and is highly regarded as a visionary in the Blockchain industry.  He is currently a Director in the CryptoAssets Design Group in Malta where he assists the ICOs he sees as interesting.



Market dynamics for cryptocurrency & ICO:

At the Blockchain International Show in London, there was also an interesting discussion about understanding this.

David Siegel in Twenty Thirty AG said that the record breaking $4 Billion EOS ICO was did well to spread the ICO over 1 year as EOS is a staking coin where price discovery is important. Angus Maidment who is in charge of EOS London meetups agreed, and mentioned the model may not be suitable for all ICOs and STOs (security tokenofferings).  Huobi finished their ICO in a matter of minutes, which is clearly on the other end of the time scale.

BIS London: June 6-7

Join one of the European largest exhibitions and conferences dedicated to blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs – Blockchain International Show London

Within the event, representatives of international companies and leading crypto experts will tell which industries can get the most out of the blockchain implementation, which jurisdiction is the best one for ICO holding, as well as about the cryptocurrency market trends in 2018.

Two days of the conference will feature the reports of experts from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Jordan, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Luxembourg, Germany, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, Malta and Cyprus.

The exhibition area will involve leading crypto companies that will present their latest solutions. It will engage different companies: mining equipment providers, blockchain developers, ICO projects, investment funds, cryptocurrency wallets, trading platforms, and law firms.