This is our Pro Bono project to help reach a Global Sustainable Climate.

We have made a Global Bottom Up system, based on the Good Will Thinking of every Individual person, to reduce own personal CO2 Emissions.

Our plan is to make a donation of Blockchain CO2 Tokens to every individual on the planet for free.  We believe the humans are good and can be trusted, and not bad as current UN system predefines.  We believe most individuals are good, and can be trusted to improve the world, if they are reminded that everyone can contribute to a better Environment.  Current UN system also excludes reductions of CO2 emissions in most of Africa and Asia, and this is clearly not sustainable if one wants to reduce Global CO2 Emissions.

If the individual feels CO2 footprint is reduced,  he/she can sell parts of CO2 Tokens to someone else.  Similarily, If the individual feels CO2 footprint is increased,  he/she can buy parts or whole of CO2 Token from someone else.  This will be a reminder of Ecological point of view.  Everyone can reduce own CO2 print.  The CO2 tokens are outside of UN accounting system, that clearly does not work on a Global scale.

We have offered this solution for free to the Norwegian Minstry of Climate just a couple of months ago.  We believe this can change the CO2 focus for the better in the World. Their reply was:

«Det er en prinsipielt interessant idé å tildele hver innbygger sin egen omsettelige klimakvote. Personlige klimakvoter vil i teorien kunne bidra til å utløse størst mulig global klimareduksjon for pengene samtidig som den nødvendige innsatsen for å redusere utslippene fordeles på en rettferdig måte.»

After distribution, the rest is peer-to-peer decentralized on the Blockchain.  Building on the positive belief that almost Everyone in the World wants to contribute to a Better World for our Children.  The Blockchain Technology is the key to the next Radical Technological Revolution, on a scale similar to the Internet.

If you want to contribute, you may contact CEO Bjørn Zachrisson on email or tel (+47) 46290000.