We can all help reach a Global Sustainable Climate.

Based on the Good Will Thinking of every Individual person, we can all reduce own personal CO2 Footprint.

We believe most individuals are good, and can be trusted to improve the world, if they are reminded that everyone can contribute to a better Environment.  Our solution is the CO2 Token that finances purchase and deletion of EU and UN CO2 quotas.

This will be a reminder of Ecological point of view.  Everyone can reduce own CO2 print.

After purchase of a CO2 Token,  Harmonychain will purchase and delete 1 CO2 quota for every CO2 token purchased.  The CO2 Token can be held by the purchasor as a receipt.  Because the CO2 quota related to that Token is deleted, the CO2 Token will have no residual value.   The Blockchain Technology is the key to the next Radical Technological Revolution, on a scale similar to the Internet.

If you want to contribute, you may contact CEO Bjørn Zachrisson on email or tel (+47) 46290000.