About Us

The Harmonychain Group consists of several companies specializing in Environmentally Friendly Digitalization and Blockchain.  Our 100% owned subsidiary Lokotech has developed a new Scrypt ASIC microchip for a blockchain mining Supercomputer that is 300%-500% more Energy Efficient than existing Blockchain mining systems. For comparison, Bitmain is currently contemplating a capital raise @ EV of US$ 40-50 Billion.

Harmonychain management, board, and key shareholders have guaranteed NOK 52 million in a contemplated Capital Raise of NOK 52-100 million.

The People behind Harmonychain are:


Main shareholder Chief Technology Officer and Board Member Christian Rustad has been deeply involved in the blockchain mining industry for the last 6 years. He has built up his reputation amongst the blockchain mining community. He currently has multiple facilities and mobile units that continously operate 24/7 without any employees. Christian has over 5 years of experience managing large “ant”-teams for the installation and setup of servers, PCs, and other physical IT-infrastructure for clients in highly sensitive businesses. This includes banks; both private and state, stock exchanges, international consultancy firms, and other governmental organizations.


Chief Executive Officer Ola Stene-Johansen holds a M.Sc. BA from the Norwegian School of Economics. His interest for computer hardware began in his early age; he built his first computer at the age of eleven, and excitedly reprogrammed his iPhone in order for it to work with European telecoms more than a decade ago, highly fascinated by the new technology. Since completing his Masters in Monterey, California, a significant amount of his work experience is in various finance roles, including managing his family office. Ola currently serves as CEO and executes on business decisions that sets up the company for success.


Chief Operating Officer and Board Member Ben Miklozek holds an M.Sc. in International Business & International Relations from Macquarie University. He successfully exited his business in the retail sector in 2015.  Besides being the go-to man for general problem solving, Ben partakes in business decisions as well as system design execution.


Chairman Bjørn Zachrisson has more than 30 years experience from IT and finance, 2 years at the Research Council of Norway, as well as investing own funds through his private family office. He has also applied for some blockchain related patents through the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (part of the Patent Cooporation Treaty comprising 152 countries in the world).
Board Member Professor Thore Johnsen holds a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, USA, 1975. He taught at Northwestern University and Columbia University before returning to Norges Handelshøyskole in 1980. He is member of the advisory boards for several Norwegian endowments and has served as advisor to the Norwegian Ministry of Finance as well as the strategic advisory board for the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund. Johnsen’s research interests areas include valuation, risk management and energy markets. He has published in academic journals such as Econometrica, European Economic Review, Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control, and Energy Journal, and has written many applied policy contributions. He was one of the key architechts of the WTI Oil future contract.

Board Member Tore Sviland is a financial expert with over 30 years experience from investment banking and investing of own funds through his family office.  Tore sits on the Board of Directors and is crucial in strategic investments and deal negotiations.
Martin Soknes is the technological wizard behind Anadigme and Norsk Digital Industri.  Drawing on his knowledge from IT analytics and big data, his 20+ years of experience from IT optimization has been of value in strategic focus.
Andes Kvan is a financial expert whose views on Financial Insurance Models is of great value.
Kristen Jakobsen is a finance expert whose views on Finance and Technology is of great value. He founded Pareto Securities and the Pareto Group with Svein Støle. From bright minds and a couple of pc’s and tables, Pareto grew to be a multi US$ Billion Investment Bank Institution with a Global Impact.