Supercomputer Scrypt ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) microchip dramatically reduces energy use in blockchain mining (accounting), increasing profitability and reducing CO2 emissions.

Blockchain is a distributed database stored on several computers at the same time. This is next generation accounting, more transparent than current double-entry accounting that dates from the 14th century. The blockchain accounting is called
mining, and this requires specialized high performance computers.
The Supercomputer is poised to be the most profitable blockchain hardware on the market.
GREEN microchips: Currently blockchain mining consumes a lot of energy. Our microchips are 300%-500% more efficient than current chips, reducing computer energy use by 70-80%, all other things equal.
Our blockchain Supercomputer miners have an estimated payback of less than 2 years! Minimum purchase US$ 1 million. According to industry standard, customers can expect to prepay apprx. 6 months prior to delivery. We limit supply of our World Class Mining Supercomputers against a royalty to ensure high customer profits. Email for more information.