Harmonychain has tel. +47 4629 0000 and email post@harmonychain.com

Increase Your Profits

Blockchain verification is profitable on modern equipment. Harmonychain is a diversified blockchain company located in Norway.

Chairman Bjørn Zachrisson

Database audit trail accounting is far superior to double bookkeeping accounting that was invented over 500 years ago.  Chairman Bjørn Zachrisson has more than 30 years experience from IT and finance, 2 years at the Research Council of Norway, as well as investing own funds through his private family office. He has also applied for some blockchain accounting related patents through the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (part of the Patent Cooporation Treaty comprising 152 countries in the world).

Chief Technology Officer Christian Rustad

Our Chief Technology Officer Mr. Christian Rustad is recognized as a global leader in FinTech Innovations. He has set up physical IT-infrastructure for clients for many years. He has tested and studied extensively miners that includes both publicly available and off the market hardware. This has allowed him to develop a unique in-depth understanding of how each algorithm works.