Facebook LIBRA Stablecoin is “Google Internet” moment of Blockchain

The Facebook Blockchain Token Libra is attracting the interest of the major payment companies globally. This is the “Google” maturity moment of the Blockchain Industry, the moment that the Blockchain technology platform (Google for Internet, Trusted Stablecoins for Blockchain) matures from being useful to IT Enthusiasts, to being useful for Everyone in Society.

First Commodity Asset Backed Digital Currency Security in Compliance with Regulation from Stock Exchange Listed Company

SILVERUSA & GOLDUSA: The first Asset Backed Digital Currencies issued by a Stock Exchange Listed company GLOBALLY

 China’s Central Bank Prioritizes Development of Digital Currency

China: PBoC Head Says Digital Currency ‘Inevitable’, Bitcoin ‘Not Accepted’ As Payment.  After Facebook’s LIBRA the Central Bank of China now accellerates the Development of a Yuan based Digital Currency, according to CoinTelegraph.com.

Maybe one of Harmonychain Client’s Commodity Asset Backed Digital Currencies will be the future of money.


HegnarTV interview Harmonychain CEO Bjorn Zachrisson (Norwegian language)

CNN: Harmonychain CTO Mr. Bjercke compares amateur digital currency investors to gamblers

SILVERUSA (ticker SILV) may be 1st Silver asset backed digital currency issued by a Public Listed company Compliant with Securities Regulation in the World.

SILVERUSA is issued by Canadian Securities Exchange listed company Canamex Gold Corp. that has put in place an alliance of Stock Exchange Listed Silver producers.
You may contact Canamex Gold Corp. CEO David Vincent directly on +971544551281 or email david.vincent@canamexgold.com for info on how and when SILVERUSA will be tradeable according to Canadian Securities Regulation.


THE MERKLE: What are stablecoins such as Tether, Maker, and GOLDUSA ?

While Tether is likely the best-known stablecoin, it’s certainly not the strongest initiative.  Canamex Gold Corp. recently launched a gold stablecoin.  The tokens, coined GOLDUSA, are worth 0.005 ounces of gold each.


Cobalt Eco Friendly Asset Backed Token may launch in 2019 !

Secova Metals is the 5th North American Stock Exchange LISTED company to be Awarded a Global Exclusive Licence for Harmonychain Intellectual Property Rights and Patents Pending. Secova is Awarded a Global Exclusive Licence within the Cobalt Commodity Sector. Stay tuned for more info on their website.

First Asset-Backed Security Token Offering (STO) by Public Listed Company GOLDUSA (symbol GOLD)

Very exciting news to finally see a Stock Exchange LISTED company actually launching Asset Backed Digital Currency.

Harmonychain partner vs. Nation of Venezuela: Who do you trust most ?

Crisis struck Venzuelas latest stunt was to issue the Government Digital Oil Currency Petro. (Currently Venezuela government bonds maturing this autumn 2018 trade at under 40% of nominal value documenting lacking investor trust level).  Harmonychain is in dialogue with some Oil Supermajors that are interested in Premium Prices over Spot and Interest Free Finance, to see if the Blockchain Pat. Pend and IPR of Harmonychain can increase profits of more solvent issuers than Venezuela such as Saudi Aramco as an alternative to their IPO plans.  Journalist Sindre Hopland.

J.P. Morgan may have bad news for Digital Currency bears

The cumulative net amount om money invested has totaled around $6bn since 2009, well below the current market cap of $400bn.
For Ethereum, the number is just as stark: with a market cap of $45 billion, net inflows have been under $2 billion in the past two years. This is shown in the chart above:

How Blockchain Could Revolutionize Commodity Markets

Bloomberg reports that Blockchain technology, which has already been adopted by gold traders, is starting to show the potential to transform other sectors of the global physical commodities markets.

Harmonychain in Japanese media

Canamex Gold now has six Ethereum token domain names secured.

A New Financial System is Being Born

Mike Krieger reports that “I knew right then and there that Bitcoin had the potential to change the world. I now knew that even if the financial system crashed and burned tomorrow, the early stages of a new and far more honest financial system were already in place. ”

Harmonychain in Norwegian press Finansavisen.

CEO Bjorn Zachrisson forklarer essensen i Blockchain, hvordan den patentsøkte futuren vil forandre det globale futuresmarkedet, og hvordan revisjonsbransjen ser at transparent blockchain reduserer fremtidig behov for revisjon og derfor bygger opp nye blockchainavdelinger for å skape nye inntektsområder som kan kompensere for inntektsbortfallet den 3. november og 6. november. Du kan kjøpe disse papirutgavene på nett for kun kr 40 ved å følge linken over.

Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook will now introduce payment directly from their browsers in Digital Currencies

It will be easy to pay with Digital Currencies in the next browsers from these companies.  Click the link above for more details.

A virtual currency initiative led by UBS Group AG has gained six new members, including banks Credit Suisse and Barclays

Other members joining the roster, announced yesterday, include HSBC Holdings, State Street Corp., Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

IBM expects 65 percent of major banks to be using blockchain technology in some fashion within the next 2 years

This is simply put a technological revolution.

9 out of 10 government organizations have suggested that they will be using blockchain technology by the year 2019.

The blockchain will change society the next 20 years as much as the internet has in the last 20 years.

Digital Currencies to Take Over Most Payments in the Future

They are perfectly suited for the way Millennials shop, according to article on Yahoo Finance.

Governments and the Banks want to eliminate Cash

The illusion of banks being safe should have been shattered after the 2008 crisis. Visa pays hefty bonuses to shops eliminating cash. In the future, the Blockchain will be a game changer.

World Economic Forum released a breakthrough report

on June 28. to business about “realizing the potential of the Blockchain: WEF-Realizing-Potential-Blockchain

Big banks

are staffing up  for Blockchain.

Blockchain is perfect for creating energy markets

In New York City micro Solar Electricity producers are allready using the Blockchain.

Token EOS raised US$ 4 billion

And competitor Telegram raised over US$ 1 billion during the spring of 2018.  Facebook also plan a token that has Billion $ stable coin potential.

Why Nasdaq’s CEO is bullish on digital currencies

At Nasdaq, the future will likely include digital currencies.

The chairman of Australia’s biggest stock exchange is bullish about blockchain technology replacing its existing post-trade settlement solution.

ASX has invested over AUD$15 million for sub 10% equity stake in New York-based blockchain startup Digital Asset.

Banks admits Digital Blockhain Currency is just competition: J.P Morgan Sees Crypto As ‘Competition’ And ‘Risk’ To Its Business In SEC Annual Report

Banks are allways talking their own book.  Banks are afraid of competition.  Banks know banks are expensive and pose systemic risk as banks sometimes banktrupt to the dismay of depositors and transfer customers.

$5.7 Trillion Investment Company BlackRock: Cryptocurrency Will Be ‘Widely Used’ In Future 

Cointelegraph reports that the world’s largest investment company BlackRock has continued its bullish forecast for cryptocurrency, saying it sees “wider use” in the future in its weekly commentary report recently.

Our bottom line: We see cryptocurrencies potentially becoming more widely used in the future as the markets mature,” the report determined.

Yale University invests in $400 million Crypto Fund

Bloomberg reports that Yale University, the Ivy League school, is getting into the market for cryptocurrencies.