We offer the Scrypt Supercomputer with 4.12 Gh/s using only 1300w on the following terms:

  1. Minimum purchase US$ 1 million. Orders of over 5,000 mining Supercomputers may apply for special quote, unless we are sold out for 2022 and 2023.
  2. Payback quicker than 1 year.
  3. Delivery FOB Keytouch Technology factory in Norway.
  4. Payment 9 months before delivery.
  5. Expected delivery Q3 2022.
  6. We limit Global sales of Scrypt Supercomputer miner the first 2 years to maximize customer competitiveness. This minimizes electricity use and CO2 emissions. This benefits our customers, as economic life of our Mining Supercomputers is prolonged. Economic quality is also shared, which Chinese competitors do not offer.
  7. In return for sales limitation, a profit split royalty of capacity is a condtion. Capacity of 4.12 Gh/s is customer property,  capacity over 4.12 Gh/s is royalty until Global competitors can offer 4.5 Gh/s whereupon delta up to 6.5 Gh/s is released.

We have signed MoUs for over 43,000 miners, as well as oral MoUs for additional apprx. 40,000 miners.  Allocation subject to availability.