The most popular wallets are available from and Github.

IRON Wallet

In order to Store or Transfer COMMODITY BLOCKCHAIN TOKENS, you use an Official Secure Ethereum Encrypted Blockchain Wallet.

Your COMMODITY BLOCKCHAIN TOKENS is Stored in and can be Transferred to and from, an Encrypted Wallet in the Encrypted Secure Ethereum Blockchain.

Every 210 000 000 COMMODITY BLOCKCHAIN TOKENS is Recorded and Accounted for in the Blockchain, which as of May 2018 consist of approximately 5.5 Million Secure Blockchain Blocks.

After the encrypted Ethereum Wallet is ready, you need to download the COMMODITY BLOCKCHAIN TOKENS details to your wallet before you conduct COMMODITY BLOCKCHAIN TOKENS transactions.

If you need assistance, you may email to get the wallet COMMODITY BLOCKCHAIN TOKENS details. Whereas Bitcoin transactions may take 10 minutes for confirmation,  COMMODITY BLOCKCHAIN TOKENS transactions usually take only about 15 seconds for confirmation.

The highly encrypted wallet can be downloaded from or the US GitHub*) website for free.


Globally, over 10.000 Computer Nodes simultaneously running the Blockchain ensures Data Safety far exceeding Bank Firewalls. Click here.

Unlimited Upgrades

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Inventor and CEO Bjorn Zachrisson

Database audit trail accounting is far superior to double bookkeeping accounting that was invented over 500 years ago.  Our CEO Bjorn Zachrissson is a Global Expert and IPR Pat. Pend. Inventor in how this new more transparent accounting system can Benefit Commodity Producers and Investors.