Technical architecture of the Scryptpool software has now been completed, and the platform will be further developed over the next six months.

“We aim to create a scalable, modular solution, where over time we will be able to offer pool services for many Scrypt blockchains – both the more and less popular – without making it too technically complicated for the user,” comments CEO Ola Stene-Johansen.

“We use the best of existing technology, and our own experience from developing large telecom platforms to create a future-oriented, secure and scalable solution for miners. The technology is intended to be able to handle large traffic volumes for current and future mining hardware, including hardware we ourselves are developing », comments Lead Software Developer Arve Rasmussen.

About Harmonychain AS:  Harmonychain develops proprietory blockchain software (Scryptpool mining software in closed alpha + cryptocurrency IPR) and hardware (Scrypt ASIC R&D in Lokotech AS + data center in Arctic Core AS).