Technical Verification Review by

Our ASIC designers have completed a full cycle industry standard SPICE simulation run.
Investas has reviewed the SPICE simulation run and concluded:  “The report indicates that the relative differences between the cases is presented correctly. Thus, it is fair to state that the results presented in the report gives a good indication of the expected benefits of the updated hash function”.

For conclusion: Inventas Conclusion

When the review was conducted in March 2020, Inventas was owned by CGI, with a Market Capitalization over $15 Billion & Top 5 in the world for IT & Business Consulting. In August 2020, management purchased Inventas from CGI in a management buyout.

Inventas was founded in 1997 and have its roots from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and SINTEF in Trondheim. The company has since grown organically, from five to more than 120 employees today.  They have completed more than 3.000 projects for their customers.